Standards Based Report Cards

A standards based report card communicates student progress toward meeting end of the year learning standards. Teachers assess student performance against these learning standards, which are specific and observable grade level skills articulated in the Walpole Public Schools elementary curriculum. Teachers do this by measuring individual student performance against the identified concrete learning standards, rather than in relation to the performance of other students.
Our report cards reflect the learning standards as outlined in the current Massachusetts State Frameworks. From the very beginning of the school year, the standards based report card keeps teachers, parents, and student focused on the desired outcomes for year-end learning goals.
The Walpole Public Schools place a strong value on home-school partnerships, and we view the updated report card as an important tool in furthering our shared understanding about student growth in both the academic areas and student responsibility skills, including each child’s unique approach to learning.
Below are examples of our current standard based report card formats. Please review the Parent Guide for a detailed explanation of all of the report card elements.
2022-23 DFP PK.pdf


2022-23 grK.pdf


2022-23- gr1.pdf

Grade 1

2022-23 gr2.pdf

Grade 2

2022-23 gr3.pdf

Grade 3

2022-23 gr4.pdf

Grade 4

2022-23 gr5.pdf

Grade 5

Parent Guide to SBRC revised Jan2023.pdf

Parent Guide