RVCC: Rangelands

Working Group 2.0 - Established 2018

There are over 650 million acres of public and private rangelands and forests in the United States. The rangelands are a source of high water quality and quantity, prime fish and wildlife habitat, open space, economic opportunity and ways of life, and public opportunities for recreation and hunting. They provide a diverse array of values; from grass and browse for livestock and wildlife species, to energy and other developable resources, to sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

The Rangelands working group prioritized activities based on RVCC’s core strengths – collaboration, shared stewardship, and the use of programs, tools and authorities that facilitate landscape scale restoration. Ultimately the group aims to identify policy barriers or opportunities that RVCC can help partners overcome, or develop best practices, tools, or case studies that disseminate learning.