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Plant Science

Welcome to Plant Science!

Our website can be used to explore and learn about our Plant Science Agriculture Program. Check out our seasonal shops and plant sales as well as what each grade level contributes to our program using the tabs above!

Why study Plant science?

Enhancing your knowledge about plants is essential to understanding the world around us. Plants provide the foundation of life by giving us food to eat, clothes to wear, roofs over our head and natural medicine. The study of plant science provides you with a wide variety of possible job opportunities and endless knowledge!!


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Plant Science

Lyman Hall's Agricultural Science and Technology Program

Our class

In our classes, each grade has their own activities they do. From learning how to test soil to growing your own flowers to doing floral design...we do it all!!

Underclassmen work many hours in the greenhouse preparing for our annual spring sale, learning how to propagate and managing house plants.

Plant science allows all of our students to be creative and use their own strengths to succeed in this program!

Find out what exactly each grade does in their plant science class by clicking here!!