Cash App Login: Sign in to your Cashapp account

Look at the account settings of the Cash app

Cash App is a P2P payment app that mainly provides various monetary services such as sending or receiving money, banking and investing. It is one of many products of Square, Inc. which is a company that serves various solutions to ease fund transactions. This app was rolled out in 2013 and since then continuously serving its services as a handy mobile payment platform.

Well! If you are also a Cash App user and want to learn about its various settings, we are here to elaborate on the same. In this read, we will be discussing the various account settings which you can change after Cash App login very easily. So, come along with me to get deeper into the results.

View Cash App Account Statements

Here are a few steps which you should take in order to take a glance at your account statements.

For monthly statements:

For previous statements:

This is the way to download the account statements PDF on your device.

Enable Security Lock

In order to enhance the security of your funds, you can protect your Cash App by enabling an advanced security lock such as PIN, Face ID or Touch ID. Here’s how you can proceed to do so.

And, now you have successfully safeguarded your account. Do remember that your PIN should be the same as your Cash Card PIN.

Reset Cash App PIN

Well! If you want to change your Cash App Pin, you can do it by following the below-mentioned instructions, but make sure to keep your currently set PIN with you.

This is how you can set a new PIN to open your Cash App account.

Final Take!

In all, Cash App allows you to reset and enable many features to upgrade your experience and enhance the security of the platform. I have elaborated on a few needful Account settings, but this is not all that you can explore on Cash App. Perform the Cash App login and start exploring and managing many more settings available on the platform to enhance your experience.