Hiro Wallet Extension | Hiro Wallet for Web | Hiro Wallet for Desktop

Hiro wallet is a crypto wallet that is used to manage STX tokens. All cryptocurrency wallets enable sending and receiving quantities of cryptocurrency and do not contain tokens inside them. But the Hiro Wallet mainly handles the STX tokens of users on the stacks blockchain. It is one of the safest ways to manage users' stacks and protect users' funds when interacting with "Clarity Smart Contracts." It allows you to receive and send tokens, but before this, you have to create your Hiro wallet through the official website of Hiro wallet. 

Steps to Install And Add The Hiro Wallet Extension to the Browser

On Google Chrome

On Mozilla Firefox

On Brave

Steps to Download Hiro Wallet For Desktop 

How to Create A New Hiro Wallet For Desktop

Once you download Hiro Wallet on your desktop (macOS, Windows, or Linux), now you can create your new Hiro Wallet for desktop by following these easy steps:

Click "Create A New Wallet."

Store Your 24 Words of The Secret Key

The secret key is one of the most important parts that help recover your wallet if you ever forgot your wallet password. Users should print out a hard copy of the backup phrase and keep it safe in a secure location. You can also note it down on paper and store them in the safest place. After saving the secret key, check the "I Have Saved My Secret Key" box and click the "Continue" button.

Verify your secret key

Once you copy all the secret keywords, now paste them onto the next screen. You can also manually enter all the words in the required box and click the "Continue" button.

Create a password

Lastly, you have to create a unique "Password" for your Hiro Wallet. You can also use a "Random Password Generator" that helps users to create a strong password. After entering it, click the "Continue" button. 

How to Create A New Hiro Wallet For Web 

After installing and adding the extension of Hiro Wallet on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Brave). You can easily create your new Hiro Wallet by approaching these easy steps:

How to Use The Edger Device With The Hiro Wallet 

The stack app for Ledger empowers users to connect their Ledger device to Hiro Wallet on different operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and Linux. It helps to manage users' STX holding and participating in stacking. The app of stacks is now available in Ledger live. You just need to install the stack app and connect your Ledger Nano S or X device to Hiro Wallet. Follow the given steps to start the process:


The Hiro wallet is one of the safest ways to connect to stacks of apps. With this wallet, you can easily lock your STX to participate in stacking. In this detailed guide, you will see easy instructions that help you to install Hiro Wallet for web (Chrome, Firefox & Brave) and desktop (macOS, Linux & windows). After installing the wallet, you can create your wallet and use your edger device with Hiro Wallet