Scholarship Information

Scholarships will be available on this website as well as paper copies available in the Senior Cafe.

Please contact Mr. Reynolds for more information regarding scholarships.

There are three places students should look for scholarships.

These places are:

1. Colleges/Universities - Each school has it's own scholarship foundation. Once a student has applied AND been accepted to a college, the student should then contact the school and ask for any scholarship information to be sent to them. There may be multiple applications or there may be one application for all scholarships. These applications may be online or paper. Contact the individual college to get specific information and applications.

2. National Scholarship Search Engines - The best place to search for national scholarships is through an online scholarship search. One of the best sites we have found is On this site, students can create a profile and the site then matches the student profile with available national scholarships. Each profile should generate around 100 matches or "hits" for that student.

3. Local Scholarships - There are several local scholarships available for LHS students. These are made possible through partnerships with local businesses and organizations. Local scholarships usually become available from March through April of the senior year. Most of these scholarships are paper applications, but some are also submitted online. These applications will be available on this website, as well as in the Media Center.

If you have questions regarding local scholarships, please see Mr. Reynolds.


Stay Tuned For More To Come!!!

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