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Wainui Beach School is set beside one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand and is staffed by teachers who live up to our Vision of Lighting up Learning. As Principal, I am proud of our achievement in providing a high standard of education in a safe learning environment. The school is dedicated to the principles of EnviroSchools.

We believe that children learn best when they are happy and feeling positive about themselves and their environment. As such we are committed to making each child’s learning journey unique while we take pride in our high expectations in Literacy and Numeracy. Our Values are “Respect and Responsibility” which have been chosen by the wider community and cover all aspects of school life and are reiterated frequently.

At Wainui Beach School is a decile 7 school and 27% of our students have Maori affiliations. We also have a large ESOL (English as a second language) community which brings a unique diversity to our school. We value all children, regardless of their ethnic or cultural background.

We run Maori consultation group meetings to which all parents are welcome. All children are invited to participate in Kapa Haka and we believe that positive participation and cultural awareness is a strength of our school. Every second year the senior children spend a night at Te Poho-o-Rawiri or Whangara Marae with the junior children visiting during the day.

The Board sets high expectations of student achievement and pledge to ensure the safety, well-being and education of all students. Students learn through a school-wide programme of Inquiry that includes the Key Competencies of: Managing Self, Participating and Contributing, Relating to Others, Using Language, Symbols and Text and Thinking. Each week teachers choose a child in their class that exemplifies one of these and present them with a certificate at the end of week Assembly. We also have a weekly quote based around a Key Competency or school value which features in our newsletter.

Student progress and achievement is reported to parents, caregivers and whanau through parent interviews in Term 2 and a Student Learning Celebration in Term 4. This method not only empowers the children to take ownership of their learning journey but also involves parents in that journey.

We warmly welcome any new family in the community and ask that you make an appointment to come and look around the school. We have an enrolment scheme to manage numbers of pupils and maintain our current school size. The school zone is detailed on a map in the school office.

Nolian Andrew