Priority Learners

For the students at Te Kura o Waima, who experience difficulty in Literacy and Mathematics we ensure we follow the Ministry of Education’s philosophy of ‘success for ALL students’.

At Te Kura O Waima we have three underlying principles in the design of the curriculum for our priority learners:

1 WE know our learners as individuals

2 WE identify students then address issues at all levels who we believe may benefit from additional help and support

3 WE treat our priority learners as a collective where we are responsible for their care, progress and achievement.

For the students at Te Kura o Waima who fall under this umbrella we ensure, through collaborative teacher meetings (held in weeks 5 and 10 of each term), that we monitor each student’s progress in order to accelerate their learning.

In doing so, we implement interventions and are continually researching new ways to assist our priority learners in their learning journey.

These interventions include:

Tier 1 - Classroom

Tier 2 - Korero kia Mohio(oral language, talk to learn), Toe by Toe, Buddy Reading, ALiM, MST.

Tier 3 - Resource Teachers, Ministry of Education.