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How to make a manu taratahi

How to make a manu taratahi

Follow these instructions to make a triangular child’s kite:

Figure 1: Lay the feathered toetoe stalks on top of the unfeathered stalk as shown. Bind the stalks together with string.

Figure 2: Lace together dry raupō leaves in groups of six. Start at the wide end of the frame and tie the string to the middle stalk, then lace the leaves as shown. Tie off after the sixth leaf. Repeat this on the side stalks. Continue lacing groups of six until finished.

Figure 3: Balance the centre of the kite on a broom and trim the leaves. Attach the bridle.

Source: Bob Maysmor, The Māori kite: te manu tukutuku. Wellington: Steele Roberts, 2001, pp. 104–106

Rewena bread


1 bottle of beer

5 cups of flour

2 table spoon of yeast

2 cups of sugar

2 litres of water


Make a well with 3 cups of flour

Add sugar and yeast into well and mix

Make another well and add beer and mix

Add 3/4 cups of water and mix till runny porridge consistency

Cover with glad wrap and leave in warm place to rise for an hour

Put rest of flour into bowl

Pour on the mixture and mix with blunt knife

Mix in warm water to make thick dough. Or add flour when needed

Mixing until thick dough or when mixture comes away from side

Sprinkle flour on the bench or table.

Knead the dough for 10min

Heat your oven to 180 degrees

Cut the dough. Look for holes.

If there are holes you must knead for a while longer until they disappear.

Shape dough to fit your pot.

Rub butter paper on the inside of your pot so the Rewena bread does not stick.

Move the dough to the pot.

Leave the Rewena bread to rise in a warm place, for a future 30minutes

Bake for an hour