STAR Academy

Making Connections Between our Past and Future

Mission Statement:

STAR Academy prepares young adults to lead productive lives that will sustain healthy lifestyles, traditions, and the arts.

Welcome to the STAR Academy. STAR is an acronym for Sustainability through Traditions, Arts and Recreation.

Using the overarching theme of sustainability, students will develop a greater respect for the culture, character, beauty and the history of our island community. Students learn and apply the knowledge and skills to pursue a post-secondary course of study and to assume a productive role in the work force. Our career strands include: Creative and Artistic Expression; Travel/Sustainable Tourism Industries; Recreation, and Communication Technology.

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Career Listing:

Creative and Artistic Expression:

Visual Arts

· Fine Artists (2-D, 3-D)

· Commercial Artists/Graphic Designer/Illustrator

· Curators/Archivists

· Photographers/Videographers

· Communication Design

· Art Instructors

Performing Arts

· Production Manager

· Cinematographer

· Choreographer/Dancer

· Actor/Director

· Costume Designer

· Sound Effects Technician

· Musician

· Conductor

· Composer

Written Art

· Radio Announcer

· Writer (Creative, Script, Editor)

· News Reporter

Spoken Arts

· Interpreter

Fashion Arts and Technology

· Make-up Artist/Cosmetologist

· Hair Stylist/Clothing Stylist

· Fashion Designer

Communication Technology:

Audio/Video/Film Graphics

· Audio/Video Systems Tech

· Director/Producer

· Computer Graphics

· Animator

· Visual Effects Artist

· Web Page Designer

Travel and Sustainable Tourism Industries:

· Lodging/Housekeeping

· Hotel Management

· Front Desk Attendant/ Services/Concierge

· Housekeeping

· Travel Agent/Travel Promotion

· Cultural Tour Director

· Convention Management

· Flight Attendant

Food Production and Services

· Restaurant/Facilities Manager

· Executive/Line/Sous Chef

· Caterer

· Food Safety Inspector

· Dietitian

Recreation, Sports

· Professional Athlete

· Coach

· Lifeguard/Water Safety Officer

· Recreation Director

· Fitness Trainer