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Photos are available from the Buckeye Invitational

The following is from OSU:

Our photographers, Ed and Karen Crockett, have posted photos for you and your students and families to access. The particulars are as follows:

1. Each individual gallery is named using the year - 2019 - followed by BI and then the band's school proper name - e.g. William Mason High School Marching Band photos are in the gallery 2019 BI William Mason.

2. Each band's gallery url is defined using the folder name and gallery name with hyphens separating the words - e.g. for William Mason it is:

3. Each gallery is password protected. The password is BI followed by the school's proper name, minus any spaces. The password for our example of William Mason is BIWilliamMason. The password is case sensitive. A list of all gallery names and passwords is attached to this email.

Selecting a photo and clicking the download icon will prompt a request for an email address. SmugMug will send a download link for the requested image to the email provided and the recipient can download the image file to their computer.

If no individual photo is selected SmugMug assumes the entire gallery and will zip-compress it before sending the download link.

Please direct any questions to Ed and Karen Crockett at

Summer Uniform

Band shirt, black shorts, white ankle socks, white band shoes.

Shirts are worn untucked

No nail polish, watches, jewelry, or sunglasses.

Full Uniform

Red band shirt and shorts are worn under the uniform.

White tall socks, white band shoes, white gloves.

Hair needs to be off the collar and secured under the hat.

No nail polish, watches, jewelry, or sunglasses.

Students must always have their raincoat stored in their hat bag.

Band Show Information

Medina Band Show Info


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Buckeye Invitational

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2019 Cookie Schedule

Our band provides cookies to the visiting bands at home football games. Students can bring the cookies to practice on Thursday night, Friday morning at school, or Friday night before rehearsal. Please bring one package of cookies.

August 30 (Highland)- Sophomores & Juniors

September 6 (Wooster- 8th grade night)- Seniors & Freshmen

October 4 (Stow)- Sophomores & Juniors

October 25 (Twinsburg)- Seniors & Freshmen

November 1 (Brecksville- Senior night)- Sophomores & Juniors

Video on how to fold your raincoat. Note: this was filmed with the old coat. The new coats have snaps.

Folding raincoat.mp4