Frequently Asked Questions

If you don' t find the answer to your question, please contact a safety patrol advisor.

What do I do if I know I am not going to be at school on a day I have safety patrol?

Students who are excused through the office attendance are excused for safety patrol. If you are sick, leave for an appointment, or are out of town, the captain will fill in for you at your post. You do not need to notify Mrs. Roberts or Mrs. Riley.

What time do I need to be at my post? How long do I stay at my post?

AM-If you ride the bus, report to your post as soon as your bus arrives. If you are wearing your vest, your bus driver will let you off right away upon arrival. If you walk or get dropped off, you can report to your post at 7:45. You need to stay at your post until 8:05.

PM-You can leave your classroom at 3:05. Please be at your post by 3:10. If you ride the bus, make sure you pay attention and notice when Bus 1 is getting ready to leave--you are responsible for getting to your bus before it leaves. If you walk/get a car ride home, please stay at your post until the buses begin to pull away.

What if the weather is bad?

Students must report to their post. The only exceptions are lightning and below zero temperature (or wind chill). Ponchos for rain are located in the orange lockers across from the main office. Please do not stand in the rain without a poncho. The poncho goes over your vest in the rain.

What if I forgot my vest?

You cannot go to your post without a vest. You should not loan your vest to anyone or borrow a vest from anyone. The captain will mark you as missing from your post. Mrs. Riley and/or Mrs. Roberts will talk to you about the situation.

What if my bus is late?

Report to your post as soon as you can. Late buses will not count against you in any way.

What is the role of the captain?

The captain's main role is to fill in a post if there is an absence. A captain also logs information for the advisors--this includes keeping track of absences, missing vests, and any behaviors that are reported to the captain. The captain does not discipline or boss the other safety patrol members.