Ebooks and Audiobooks

Download free ebooks and audiobooks from school and your public library. You can use them on your school Chromebook, on a personal device or a computer. See below for more information.

Sora – The student reading app from OverDrive Education.undefined.mp4

Introduction to SORA (1:03 video)

Use on your desktop at https://soraapp.com


Download the SORA app for a mobile device.

Using SORA for the first time on your Chromebook?

Watch this video SORA: First Time Logging In (5:23)

First time accessing SORA? Follow these directions.


How do I search SORA by Lexile level? Click on this video tutorial.


SORA Success Unit

SORA Success Unit: Students can watch the six short videos in the Google Slideshow about SORA (totaling 26 min.) and then take the quiz on the first slide or last slide. After watching the videos, install the SORA shortcut on your Chromebook. If you need help, see Mrs. Austin.

Add the Mid-York Public Library System to SORA, which includes your local Sherrill and Vernon public libraries. Since you are a resident, use their ebook and audiobook collection without having to get a library card. The directions to the right will show you how!