Graduate Researchers


"Aly" is a PhD candidate investigating the formation and physicochemical characteristics of amorphous calcium phosphates. Aly is skilled in using custom mixed-flow reactors and synchrotron radiation to probe dynamic mineral formation processes.


"Ali" is a PhD student investigating formation, transformation and surface chemical characteristics of ferric hydroxide and hydroxylsulfate nanominerals. Ali is experienced in nanoparticle synthesis and micro flow calorimetry experiments.

  • Degrees: BSc in Geology from Islamic Azad University and MSc in Geology from Tehran University, Iran, and MSc in Geochemistry from Georgiate State University (Atlanta, GA)
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"Allie" is a PhD candidate investigating how the crystallographic orientations between garnet, the matrix phases, and the rock foliation may influence how garnet crystallizes during the metamorphism of pelitic samples. She is an ICTAS Doctoral Fellow and is co-advised by Dr. Mark Caddick, Assoc. Professor, VT Geosciences.

  • Degrees: BSc. with Honors, Summa Cum Laude, Lafayette College (Easton, PA)
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