Chemical hydrogeology

@ Virginia Tech

The Chemical Hydrogeology Group in the Department of Geosciences at Virginia Tech conducts integrative, cross-disciplinary research on solutes in Earth’s water. We use field, computational and laboratory techniques to examine and quantify the the transport of chemicals in surface- and groundwater Our goals are to advance understanding of the complex processes that influence water quality and to provide innovative solutions for improving the quality of Earth’s water resources.


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recent news


  • Congratulations to Cissy Ming for research awards from the Geological Soceity of America, the American Geosciences Institute and the Virginia Water Resources Research Center!

  • Congratulations to Cecelia Wood for research award from the Geological Society of America!


  • Welcome to new graduate students Cissy Ming and Cecelia Wood!

  • Congratulations to Nigel Groce-Wright on his successful MS defense (June 2021)! Nigel is a hydrogeologist for GHD in Richmond VA.

  • Congratulations to Katie Krueger for her new position at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Colorado!


  • Congratulations to Josh Benton for his successful MS defense (May 2020)!. Josh works for the North Carolina Geologic Survey.

  • Congratulations to Nick Hammond for his research award from the Geological Soceity of America!