Omid Bagheri, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Economics

Kent State University

Salem Campus

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Kent State University at Salem. I received my PhD form the Virginia Tech Department of Economics (2017). My bachelor’s degree is in Industrial and Systems Engineering (2003), and I hold a master’s degree in Socio-Economic Systems Engineering (2006) along with a master’s degree in Economics (2013). I also hold a certificate in Executive Management (2010).

I do empirical research in labor economics with the focus on immigration and also in environmental economics with the focus on air quality. Besides, I am involved with experimental research in behavioral economics. In 2015, I received the “Best Graduate Instructor of the Year 2014-2015” award from the Virginia Tech Department of Economics, and also for two years in a row (2015 and 2016) I was nominated for the Virginia Tech “Graduate Teaching Excellence Award”, a university-level competition. In addition, I was recognized by the Virginia Tech Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) "Thank a Teacher" program for teaching effectiveness.

I am an Iranian-born and back in my home country I have worked for two of the most influential economical/industrial organizations: “Management and Planning Organization” and “Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO)”. At the former organization, I served as a member of “Science and Technology Professional Committee” (Part of Iran’s 5th national 5-year development plan core). I was also a member of the advisory team for micro and macro issues in marine, railway, and home appliances industries. At IDRO, as a research and strategic planning expert, I defined and supervised several foresight and strategic formulation research projects regarding the high-tech industries.

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Kent State University at Salem

Office 104G

Office: (330) 337-4290