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1. Required Senior Capstone Course:

Creative Writing, Literature & Language, and Professional & Technical Writing majors each take a capstone course, which requires completion of an original research or creative scholarship project.

2.Independent Study and Undergraduate Research:

ENGL 4974: Independent Study or ENGL 4994 Undergraduate Research may be taken by qualified students to engage in an original undergraduate research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students are responsible for making arrangements with a faculty member to supervise their undergraduate research and then must work with the English Advising Office and their faculty member to complete the necessary paperwork to register for course credit.

3. Honors Thesis:

Students in the University Honors Program must complete a thesis to fulfill the requirements for the “in Honors” or “Honors Baccalaureate” degrees. Information on how to enter the University Honors Program and the degree options available to honors students is available at:

Creative Writing, Literature & Langauge, and Professional & Technical Writing Majors should meet with Rob Jacks, The English Honors Advisor, as early as possible to discuss planning for honors program coursework and capstone/thesis planning.

4. English Undergraduate Symposium

Each spring the English Department provides an opportunity for our students to experience the excitement of presenting their work in a public forum: the Annual Undergraduate Symposium. The symposium is a one-day event that showcases the wide variety of writing, research, and other content created (inside and outside the classroom) by our Literature & Language, Creative Writing, and Professional & Technical Writing majors and minors. Whether you consider yourself a poet or fictionist, a professional and technical writer, a literary scholar, a linguist, or a rhetorician, you will discover a place for your work at the undergraduate symposium.

Symposium participation helps you hone your writing, research, and presentation skills. It also helps you build your resume for graduate or professional school and get the mentoring you need as you make the transition from student to professional. In addition, participating in a small, supportive conference-style event like this one can build your confidence, motivating you to participate in university-wide, regional, or national research conferences. Your participation may also make you more competitive for undergraduate research and writing awards, such as those offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences under the sponsorship of the Undergraduate Research Institute.

The Department of English at Virginia Tech will hold its 11th annual Undergraduate Research and Writing Symposium on April 15.

Study Abroad

London Calling! 2017: Writing and Designing in London (Summer)

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The list of internships changes from semester to semester, but several sample locations are included. For more information about any internship on the list, contact Carlos Evia

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