Jessica Theroux @ Voyageurs


Our mission at Voyageurs Expeditionary School (VES) is to provide students with the necessary tools to lead meaningful and productive lives through hands-on leaning, service to others, and environmental stewardship.

I enjoy working with young people because they constantly challenge me to do my best, and better my best. Thank you for allowing me to work with your young person.

As the middle school special education teacher, my primary job is to ensure the free and equal public education for my students at VES. Here, you'll find information about how we meet the academic standards for each language arts class I teach at the middle-school level.

In my classroom you'll find:

  • student-centered learning
  • opportunities for growth and success
  • emphasis on social skills and empathic interaction
  • encouragement in personal goal setting and accomplishment

Contact me at:

(218) 444-3130 ext. #112