Knowledge Systems Laboratory

Nagaoka University of Technology

Welcome to the Knowledge Systems Laboratory, Nagaoka University of Technology !

This site introduces the Knowledge Systems Laboratory (Yukawa Laboratory) in Department of Information and Management Systems Engineering, Nagaoka University of Technology (Japanese National University).

Our Mission

Based on the motto of Nagaoka University of Technology, VOS (Vitality, Originality, and Services), our laboratory researches and applies a wide range of information technology, especially artificial intelligence technology, from elemental technology to applications.

Our mission is to contribute to the realization of a prosperous life and a prosperous society.

We also have a mission to contribute to the development of industry by fostering and producing creative engineers with a wealth of knowledge and insight in computer science and information technology.

Outline of Our Research Activity

Our laboratory aims to realize a "knowledge organizer" that extracts, aggregates, and organizes necessary knowledge from a large amount of information distributed on the Internet. We are researching processing technology and its application system. We are also researching question answering systems, patent map systems, intelligent bulletin board systems, and multilingual search systems.

In addition, in anticipation of the future development of artificial intelligence, in order for humans to coexist with artificial intelligence, it is necessary to develop the ability to think, utilize information and knowledge, and cooperate with people from different fields, rather than simply acquiring knowledge. We are also working on research and development of educational methods that cultivate these skills using information and communication technology.

In addition, we are engaged in various activities to return to society the know-how obtained through the use of open source software such as Linux, which is used as a tool for research.

Contact Information

Nagaoka University of Technology

Synthetic Research Building #505

1603-1 Kamitomioka-mach

Nagaoka-shi, Niigata 940-2188 Japan