Working at universities for 9+ years I've had the opportunity to share some of the knowledge I've learned through my experiences. Some of the courses I have taught or worked as a teaching assistant include:

  • Ecology Lab (VCU & UVA) - an undergraduate course where I lead groups (5-14) of junior-senior level undergraduate students in field and laboratory exercises on fundamentals of Ecology, data collection, statistical analyses, data interpretation, and scientific writing

  • Ecosystem Ecology (VCU & UVA) - a graduate course covering topics including watershed processes, metabolism, subsidies, mass balance, and disturbance events.

  • Ecotechniques (VCU) - an undergraduate course on quantifying common variables in environmental science (e.g., production & respiration)

  • Limnology (UVA) - a combined graduate/undergraduate course on the study of inland waterways

  • Water Pollution (VCU) - a graduate course where I covered aspects of aquatic toxicology