building better brands

VetoSynth Inc. is a technology company focused on developing innovative products in the consumer packaged goods space, with a zealous focus on ultra high quality, environmental sustainability, thoughtful design, and advanced technology, simultaneously. We believe that solutions to some of life’s simple needs, without damaging the environment, are available through comprehensive thinking and design of both physical products and processes.

Our company name comes from the combination of the word Veto, meaning to politely reject, with the word Synthetic, meaning not real or genuine. Thus, we politely reject that which is not real. Or, in other words, we eschew BS.

VetoSynth Inc. is focused on developing high quality branded products for a new generation of consumers.

  • Patent-pending magnetic diffusion technology for home air scenting, Airthologie™.
  • Heavily researched and scientifically backed sleep supplements, Turkey Sleep.