Zuozhi Yang

PhD student at Drexel University

B.S. Gettysburg College 17'

Email: zy337[at]drexel[dot]edu

My research interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and their applications to games. I am currently focusing on integrating learning into search algorithms to improve their scalability.


Conference Papers:

  • Zuozhi Yang, Santiago Ontañón (2018) Learning Map-Independent Evaluation Functions for Real-Time Strategy Games. In Proceedings of IEEE-CIG 2018. [PDF]
  • Zuozhi Yang, Todd W. Neller (2017) A Monte Carlo Localization Assignment Using a Neato Vacuum with ROS. EAAI 2017 [PDF]
  • Todd W Neller, Colin M Messinger, Zuozhi Yang (2016) Learning and Using Hand Abstraction Values for Parameterized Poker Squares. EAAI 2016 [PDF]