Welcome to Zhigang's Lab. The PI of this lab is Dr. Zhigang Li who is an associate professor (preeminence hire) in the Dept of Biostatistics at University of Florida since 2018. Prior to that, Dr. Li was an associate professor (now adjunct associated professor) in the Dept of Biomedical Data Science, the Dept of Epidemiology and the Dept of Community and Family Medicine and the Norris Cotton Cancer Center in the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College. Dr. Li received his PhD degree in biostatistics from Columbia University in 2010 and his BS degree in math from Nankai University in China in 2001.

There are two main research interests in this lab: (1) developing modeling tools to analyze high-dimensional human microbiome in order to identify microbes that mediate disease-leading causal pathways in human health research; (2) developing joint modeling approaches to model longitudinal quality of life and survival data in palliative care research to answer important questions in this area. A broad range of modeling tools are involved in my research such as high-dimensional regularization approaches, mediation analysis, GEE, mixed models, Cox model, structural equation modeling, etc.

We have openings for postdocs and grad students and welcome applications from candidates with interests in biostatistics, statistics or data science. Please contact Dr. Li at zhigang.li@ufl.edu to apply.