About Zion UCC, Henderson

Zion UCC is located in Henderson, KY - just 8 miles from nearby Evansville, IN. Because Zion is one of the only open and affirming churches in this area, many diverse individuals travel great distances to join our worship every Sunday.

The people of Zion are largely liberal in our theology and practice but strive to be open-minded and seek understanding of others. We welcome ALL people of a variety of cultures, races, abilities, religions, sexual orientations and spiritual backgrounds! We pray that our visitors feel an EXTRAVAGANT WELCOME as we share our blessings with all in the Zion community.

We are the only United Church of Christ in Henderson and feel that one of our most important missions is to remain a progressive voice for Jesus in a conservative area. We strive to generously give to our community through our annual charity fundraisers and our many ministries including regular food drives, the Central Academy Backpack Club, the Christmas Angel Tree program, our work with the St. Lucas breakfast ministry, and many more! Also, our church space is used for programs dedicated to changing lives in the community, particularly through the SNIPZ program located in the Zion Annex and Narcotics Anonymous program that meets in the Paff Haus daily.

Our Sunday services include Fellowship at 9:30 AM with Worship Services at 10:30 AM. Services include a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary music. Our church practices open communion on the first Sunday of every month with a community meal (potluck) to follow after the service.

We look forward to sharing in our worship and ministries with you!