The Lutheran Church was born of a love for the truth of God and an unshakable conviction that God has revealed that truth in Jesus Christ. The Lutheran Church was also born of a love for the Church's liturgy. At Zion Lutheran Church you will find that love.

Located in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley and only three miles north of downtown Waynesboro, and thirty minutes from Charlottesville and Harrisonburg, we are situated in a lovely country setting. Our charming sanctuary was built in 1894 (at a cost of $2,495). Organized in 1823, Zion is a diverse congregation. We are farmers, nurses, shop workers, teachers, retired pastors, company administrators and executives, college students, lawyers, homemakers, white-collar and blue-collar workers, young and old, liberals and conservatives. We are lifelong locals and recent retirees. Zion is bonded by a common faith in the gospel (that is, the gracious promise of forgiveness of sins for Christ's sake) and our commitment to the liturgy, the historic Divine Service of the Church.


When you visit Zion on Sundays you will experience the traditional Christian liturgy, a worship service conducted according to a format drawn from the Bible—a service Christians have used for almost two thousands years. At Zion we sing the liturgies of the Lutheran Book of Worship. The liturgy quite actually brings people God's gospel gifts in the announcement of the forgiveness of their sins, the preaching of the Word of God, the Baptism of adults and infants, and the celebration of the Lords' Supper for all the baptized. The liturgy sends people back into the world in fervent love toward one another and in service to the neighbor.


Zion is a strong and faithful participant in the CROP Walk. We have participated in projects with Lutheran Refugee Resettlement, Lutheran Disaster Relief, Disciples Kitchen, W.A.R.M., and Habitat for Humanity.