About me

Zhiqiang Huo (霍志强) received the B.Sc. degree and M.Sc. degree from the School of Information Engineering, University of Geosciences (Beijing), China in 2013 and 2016, respectively. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Lincoln, UK, in 2020. He was a Research Associate at the University College London (UCL), UK until Aug. 2022. He now is a Senior Research Associate with King's College London (KCL) on the NIHR-funded programme - “Improving the lives of stroke survivors with data” at the Department of Population Health Sciences. The Stroke Research Team aims to design and develop a patient-centred data portal and dashboard for all stakeholders (such as patients, caregivers, clinicians, health economists, and policymakers), then apply data mining and AI to refine the clinical decision-making associated with stroke patient monitoring, care and prediction using a data-driven solution.

His research interests include data-driven smart system design, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and time-series analysis. He is keen on applying data-driven solutions to solve real-world problems in both healthcare and engineering areas. He has published over 30 publications in peer-reviewed IEEE leading journals and conferences. He has over 600 citations (Google Scholar).

Publications - Journals

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Publications - Conferences

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Invited Talks


  • Best Paper Award, 3rd INISCOM Conference, 2017, Vietnam 2017

  • PhD Student Scholarship, University of Lincoln, UK 2016

  • CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) Scholarship, CUGB 2015

  • Outstanding Graduates Awards of Beijing City, Beijing City 2013

  • Outstanding Graduates Awards of University, CUGB 2013