How the film came about

Back in 2008, when the possibility of a Central Coast dive wreck first came to the attention of local filmmaker and diver Bob Fitzgerald, he decided to start shooting a documentary film to follow the story as events for the scuttling unfolded - this is that film.

Little did he know that this endeavour would become a long drawn-out epic with many twists and turns involving millions of dollars and a major community division between thousands of people - divers, surfers, politicians, scientists, government officials, business people, protesters, the media, lawyers, and navy personnel - all blended together with elation and despair.

The documentary film Zero-One Below tells the full story of the decade-long struggle to secure the ex-HMAS Adelaide, from active duty on the high seas to her final voyage at rest on the ocean floor. We meet the characters, attend the events, and hear the side-stories behind every element within the pro and con forces of this intriguing saga of human resolve. The ultimate outcome was the transformation of an Australian Navy ship into a spectacular submerged sanctuary, which became the only accessible naval dive wreck in NSW coastal waters.

Bob Fitzgerald - Producer/Editor/Cinematographer

Bob began filmmaking in the early 70’s with a 16mm camera and a B&W video setup that required 3 people to carry around.

For the past 15 years he has been running his production business, producing corporate content, TVC’s, National award winning music videos and documentaries films. Bob has done film work with many organisations including:

Inkwell Films, TAFE, Central Coast Council, Milestone Belanova, Lights Camera Sold, Sky, Racing NSW, 9 Network, NSW Dept of Lands, Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre, NSW Dept of Education, NSW Dept of Health, Yellow Pages, Mingaletta Aboriginal Corp and casual contract work with many media production companies.

Bob studied at AFTRS completing numerous courses including Editing, Modern Cinematography, Advanced Lighting, Location Sound, TVC production. Bob is know as a good planner and problem solver in the on the spot situations that always pop up in production and post production.

Bob has numerous credits for cinematography, lighting and sound.

Bryan Hall - Writer/Director/Producer

Bryan is an accomplished creative media professional with over 35 years of unique experience in all forms of television production. Bryan has worked as a Writer/ Producer to a wide range of projects for international media companies in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Bryan is highly skilled in field and studio production, post-production, logistics, research and casting. He has a high level of cultural awareness skills and an invaluable eye for detail. Bryan has successfully delivered across a wide range of genres - current affairs, news, documentary, travel television, light entertainment and arts for many media companies including:

ABC-TV Australia, Nine Network Australia (USA bureau), Network TEN Australia, SBS-TV Australia, Foxtel Australia, American Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Atlantic Television New York, BBC-TV Factual, ITN UK, Sky TV UK, London Weekend Television, Granada Television, Wall to Wall TV UK, Endemol Television UK, September Films UK, Travel Channel USA, Discovery Network, Disney TV UK, Carlton Television UK