stained glass creations

Welcome to ZanderGlass! I'm a stained glass artist located in Southern California, and the images below are of some of my pieces.  I'd appreciate being able to stay in touch, so please sign up for my  newsletter  to receive occasional news about upcoming events and projects. Feel free to contact me with inquiries, suggestions, or to say hello.  Enjoy! 

Coral Bowls

These bowls can be displayed on a shelf or table, but also mounted to the wall.

Monstera Leaf

I love making these monstera leaves, and there will be many more to come! Since making this first one I've been collecting all sorts of interesting glass to use next, with never-ending color combinations, so stay tuned! Mini monstera leaves are in the works right now, in fact... 


One way to enjoy these little fused hearts is to carry one in your pocket, and when someone is especially kind, or if they seem like they're having a rough day, give it to them as a gift. It's the little things... and in this case, it's the little 2" hearts. 

Haunted House Candle Votive

This one still needs a few finishing touches, but I wanted to get a photo with that dramatic glass in the background. I'll want to improve my spider-making skills; they're more difficult than they might look, but I'll surely be expert at it by Halloween 2024. 


This was my first. There will be more. Feel free to shoot me a note with color suggestions for my next ones. 

Holly Leaves

I made this holly piece in a few sizes, keeping in mind that they can be hung anywhere, such as from a window or from a Christmas tree. 

Easter Eggs

These have matching colorful cords on them,  but I felt compelled to share this particular photo taken the day I finished making them becuase I love how they look here with in the bright sunlight.

Mini Monstera Leaf

I cut this pattern out 6 times on each of my six, 12x12" sheets, and then matched up the rainbow colors in order, starting the red piece at a different spot for each one. 

Seagull Panel

This seagull panel was my very first stained glass piece, but I was hooked well before I even started due to my long-standing fascination with glass art.

'Crystal' Christmas Tree 

This 'Crystal Christmas Tree' was so fun and relaxing to make! Colorful glass frit is sprinkled on the tree as tiny ornaments. The clear, jagged pieces are cut and placed with each piece touching others in such a manner that when the project is fused in the kiln, all of the pieces fuse together nicely. 

Flowers on Stems

Place them in a favorite vase, or stick them in your potted plant soil. These are in bloom year-round :)

3D Beveled Star

This 3D Beveled Star was a beast. I'll return to making them, but I wanted to go in a different direction after tackling this one.  I learned a ton, such as that I wasn't treating my soldering iron correctly -by not keeping it tinned at all times while not in use,- which caused the frustration while making this. A new iron tip is in the mail to me now, and I'll treat it much more carefully. 


Below are some of my favorite little 3"x3" fused pieces. I either drill holes at each of the top two corners and attach a cord to hang them, complete them as tea light candle holders (and include either a real tea light candle or an LED tea light candle), or leave them as is and include a little holder that it sits on for a nice display. For my fellow 1) ukulele and 2) sailing lovers, expect more themed pieces to come!