Zakaria Mansouri

❱❱ Ph.D.

❱❱ Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (Energetics)

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Dr. Zakaria Mansouri is a research fellow at the University of Nottingham in the Gas Turbine and Transmissions Research Centre (G2TRC). He was a research consultant in Mechanical Engineering & Energy in Abylsen Group (France). Dr. Zakaria received his doctorate in 2016 from the University of Laghouat in Algeria in collaboration with the Institute of Combustion Aerothermal Reactivity and Environment (ICARE-CNRS) in France.

Invitation for paper submission

Journal: Frontiers in Aerospace Engineering

Research topic: Advances in Propulsion Gas Turbines Aerothermodynamics

Topic Editors: Zakaria Mansouri, Abderahmane Marouf, Abdelhakim Settar

❰❰ Research Interests ❱❱

  • CFD (high-fidelity Large Eddy Simulation based models)

  • Turbulent Combustion (Gas turbine combustors and industrial burners)

  • Micro-combustion (Thermo-photovoltaic application)

  • Aerothermodynamics of high pressure turbines

  • Other turbomachines (Axial compressors, Hydraulic pump-turbines...)

  • Heat transfer in energetic systems (Heat exchangers, Burners, Turbines...)

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Publication of an Open Access paper

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Online publication of a paper

Heat Transfer (Wiley)

24 September, 2021

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