About Us

Holly Huelskamp - violin | Sarah Browdy - violin | Amy Greenhalgh - viola | Ranya Iqbal - cello

The Zafira Quartet has quickly risen to become a leading string quartet, versatile in repertoire on acoustic and electric instruments. The members of the quartet have known each other for over two decades, and finally found themselves all living in the same city in 2016. Their living and working musical experience has taken them throughout Europe, Asia, North America and South America, and provides a new, visionary insight to the repertoire they play.

The Zafira Quartet takes its name from a variety of places. In the Spanish language, the most common meaning of zafiro is translated as the gemstone and color sapphire. An entirely different Spanish meaning belongs to the zafiro Mexicano, which is a species of hummingbird. Changing the last letter gives the word a feminine meaning. The further east we travel, the word zafira takes on a different role. Translated as victorious, successful, and lucky, the name Zafira highlights the strength and independence of women.

Since their first concert together, in June 2016, the Zafira Quartet has played a huge variety of repertoire. The musicians’ strengths lie in their flexibility, musicality, and passion for all things musical. From Beethoven Op. 18, to local composers’ new music, and covers of some of the most famous pieces of popular music, the Zafira Quartet continues to awe and delight new and returning audience members.

Past venues include Jazz at the Bistro, the Ozark Theater, Sheldon Theater, the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park, the 560 Music Center, and 2720 Cherokee Street. Recent musical collaborations include recording for Koplant No, and Final Veil, and working with St. Louis composer Vincent Varvel.