Yun Joo An

Finance Ph.D. Student
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University Bloomington
USA (2021- current).

At the Kelley School of Business, Yun Joo focuses on Empirical Asset Pricing. Her research topic covers how (1) the price dispersion among consumption goods affects risk premia and (2) individuals draw lessons from previous inflation rates. As an extension of her research topic, she has a paper on inflation and relative prices

Yun Joo has extensive experience in dealing with data using R, Python, and SQL, and teaching experience in programming. Most recently, she was an instructor for SQL on the leading Korean education platform Cl-oom, owned by the top Korean education company, Woongjin. 

Yun Joo is born and raised in Seoul, Korea. She received her master's and bachelor's in Economics at Yonsei University in Seoul.