Yujung G. Hwang

Contact Information

Phone : +1 203 435 2262

Email : yujung.hwang@yale.edu

Mailing Address:

Department of Economics,

Yale University

28 Hillhouse Avenue

New Haven, CT 06520-8268

Ph.D candidate in Economics, Yale University

Hi, I’m an applied microeconomist with a particular interest in culture, the family and immigration. My job market paper builds an estimable general equilibrium model of immigrants’ neighbourhood sorting and social integration. I use it to study how to integrate a multicultural society.

I will be available for interviews at the European job market in Naples and at the ASSA in Atlanta.

Links : [CV] [Job Market Paper] [JMP Online Appendix]

Research Fields

  • Primary : Labor Economics
  • Secondary : Macroeconomics, Political Economy

Desired Teaching

  • Labor Economics
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Family Economics
  • Development Economics