I am an associate professor in the Division of Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

My research centers on the political economy of non-democracies with a regional focus on China.  I am interested in how individual actors (e.g., citizens, firms) interact with the state and state agents that are not held accountable by elections, and how these interactions affect outcomes such as economic growth, government service, quality of institutions, and policy changes. 

I received my PhD in Political Science from MIT and a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Grinnell College. 



Award: CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title, 2020

       Reviews: Foreign Affairs, 2020; Perspectives on Politics, 2020; Journal of Chinese Political Science, 2020; CHOICE, 2020; The China Quarterly, 2020; The China Journal, 2021

       Media Coverage: The Monkey Cage (July 2020); New Books in Political Science with Susan Liebell (April 2020)

Journal Articles 

Media: East Asia Hotspots Podcast  

         Media: The Economist; South China Morning Post inkstone

        Award: The inaugural award for the Best JEPS Article Award (2019)

Media: The New York Times; 论文大焖锅

Media:  The Economist

Selected Works in Progress

Other Writing

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