Curriculum Vitae

E-mail: [first name] [last initial] at Unity3D dot com

30 3rd Street,

San Francisco, CA 94103

I lead economics at Unity Operate, where I work on the Unity ad network, gaming services, and other emerging businesses and strategic decisioning across the company.

My research interests are in Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, and Quantitative Marketing.

Previously, I was a visiting scholar in the Marketing Department at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Principal Researcher in the Office of the Chief Economist at Microsoft Research, where I launched Azure Spot VMs, dynamically setting prices and allocation rules for Microsoft's cloud capacity.

Working Papers

with Ulrich Doraszelski (Wharton), Katja Seim (Yale) and Michael Sinkinson (Yale)

Revise & Resubmit, American Economic Review

Prior version: NBER Working Paper 23034

Featured in: NPR Planet Money, Knowledge@Wharton

with Giovanni Compiani (Booth), Greg Lewis (Amazon), and Sida Peng (Microsoft)

Revise & Resubmit, Marketing Science

with Eric Auerbach (Northwestern), Hongwei Liang (Microsoft), Sida Peng (Microsoft), Andy Wu (Harvard), and Feng Zhu (Harvard)

Reject & Resubmit, Information Systems Research

with Ann Harrison (Haas), Marshall Meyer (Wharton), Linda Zhao (Wharton) and Minyuan Zhao (Olin)

Reject & Resubmit, Strategic Management Journal

Prior version: NBER Working Paper 25475

Featured in: VoxEU, NBER Digest

  • Sticky Consumers and Cloud Welfare

with Chuqing Jin (Boston U) and Sida Peng (Microsoft)

Under review

with Marjorie McElroy (Duke)

  • New Lease on Life: Extending Product Life Cycle with Product Re-Launch

with Jin Soo Han (KAIST)


with Yue Hou, Economics Letters, 2020, 194 (September): 109369.

Other Articles

  • Azure Compute Usage Forecasting Using WaveNet: A Deep Learning Architecture and Churn Reduction Methods

with Chien-Hsun Huang, Sowmya Kumar, Emily Yan, Sachid Deshmukh, and Kaan Katircioglu

MSJAR, 2022, Vol. 17, 183-193.

with Ann Harrison, Marshall Meyer, Linda Zhao, and Minyuan Zhao

VoxEU, April 2019.