Neocon's Maps PMNV Aircraft Design

Welcome to the home of  NeoCon's Maps.  I have been working on maps for YSFlight for a while, but I should note that I do not only create sceneries.  Screenshots you see on this site will likely include ground objects not found in the stock download.  The links page will provide you with the locations to download other packages.  Most maps include stock ground objects, along with those I create specifically for my maps, so you will need my ground object pack.  Some of my maps were made using ground objects found in the suggested addon packs.  Before downloading my maps, make sure you read my terms of use.

PMNV Creations began with my work on a graphics package for Simutrans, a transportation and economic simulation game.  After a period of drawing buildings for Simutrans, I began work on drawing vehicles for the game.  I was asked for a "company name" for my vehicles, and decided to use my initials (PMN) plus the letter "V" for "vehicles", and PMNV was created.  As the graphics portion of the package neared completion, I began looking for a new project.  Around that time I discovered YS Flight. and made my first map, USA.  Over the next few years I made maps, but had trouble learning the tools for working on aircraft.  I began painting aircraft using a text editor to manually change color codes until I finally learned how to use the tools.  That is when YS PMNV was finally born.  In 2012 I began flying in FS9.  During one of several flights around the world, I discovered many of the airports in eastern Russia were incomplete, so I began improving them.  Finally, in 2014, I returned to producing addons for YS Flight.

The creator of YS Flight Simulation System 2000, Mr. Yamakawa, is not is not responible for my addons.  Please address all questions regarding my addons to me.  You can contact me through private message on YSFlight Headquarters.