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What is the Youth Media Guidebook?

Crafted by industry leaders, this FREE handbook guides instructors of Youth Media Training on step-by-step instructions, lesson plans activities and more!

Chances are that you are already familiar with the term “youth media,” and have already seen some examples. Besides the finished product, “youth media” also can refer to the entire process of organizing and engaging school-age youth in media production activities. Such a program provides learning experiences, tools, knowledge and guidance to youth as they move through the sequence of conceptualization, investigation, planning and ultimately, production. This guidebook aims to help people begin their own youth media program or improve a program that already exists.

What's included?

Not sure where to start in your Youth Media Training? This is your answer!

Students receive VR training at the Youth Media Training Workshop at MIGIZI headquarters.

Technology & Media Training Guidance

Give your students training and knowledge with the filmmaking process, vocabulary, practical planning, budgeting for a film, media forms, equipment and editing software.

Executive Director of Vision Maker Media, Shirley Sneve, gives a presentation on Youth Media Training at the Youth Media Training Workshop at MIGIZI headquarters.

Practical Training Exercises

Need project ideas? The Youth Media Guide is full of step-by-step project ideas to give your students hands-on experience in film and media creation.

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