Youngwoo Yoon

I'm a Principal Researcher in the HRI Research Lab at ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), South Korea. I am interested in problems at the intersection of HCI, robotics, and machine learning. In particular during my PhD, I have studied speech gesture synthesis for embodied conversational agents like virtual characters and humanoid robots using deep generative models.

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포닥, 석/박사 학생 (ETRI-UST 캠퍼스), 학부생 인턴 모집합니다. Motion AI, HRI 분야에 관심있으신 분들께서는 연락 바랍니다.
We are recruiting postdocs, graduate students (for the ETRI-UST campus), and undergraduate interns. Those interested in the field of motion AI or HRI are encouraged to contact me. 

contact: youngwoo .AT.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (Google scholar, Full list)

Evaluating Human-Care Robot Services for the Elderly: An Experimental Study
Miyoung Cho*, Dohyung Kim*, Minsu Jang*, Jaeyeon Lee*, Jaehong Kim*, Woo-han Yun, Youngwoo Yoon, Jinhyeok Jang, Chankyu Park, Woo-Ri Ko, Jaeyoon Jang, Ho-Sub Yoon, Daeha Lee, Choulsoo Jang
International Journal of Social Robotics [Springer]

Evaluating gesture-generation in a large-scale open challenge: The GENEA Challenge 2022
Taras Kucherenko*, Pieter Wolfert*, Youngwoo Yoon*, Carla Viegas, Teodor Nikolov, Mihail Tsakov, Gustav Eje Henter  (* equal contribution)
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) [ACM DL], [Project page]

LoTa-Bench: Benchmarking Language-oriented Task Planners for Embodied Agents
Jae-Woo Choi*, Youngwoo Yoon*, Hyobin Ong, Jaehong Kim, Minsu Jang  (* equal contribution)
ICLR 2024 [arXiv], [GitHub]

Objective Evaluation Metric for Motion Generative Models: Validating Fréchet Motion Distance on Foot Skating and Over-smoothing Artifacts
Antoine Maiorca, Hugo Bohy, Youngwoo Yoon, and Thierry Dutoit
ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion, Interaction and Games (MIG) 2023 [ACM DL]

The GENEA Challenge 2023: A large-scale evaluation of gesture generation models in monadic and dyadic settings
Taras Kucherenko*, Rajmund Nagy,* Youngwoo Yoon*, Jieyeon Woo, Teodor Nikolov, Mihail Tsakov, and Gustav Eje Henter (* equal contribution)
ICMI  2023 [ACM DL], [Project page]

Co-Speech Gesture Synthesis using Discrete Gesture Token Learning
Shuhong Lu, Youngwoo Yoon, and Andrew Feng
IROS 2023 [arXiv]

Learning to Boost Training by Periodic Nowcasting Near Future Weights
Jinhyeok Jang, Woo-han Yun, Won Hwa Kim, Youngwoo Yoon, Jaehong Kim, Jaeyeon Lee, ByungOk Han
ICML 2023 [Paper], [GitHub]

A Tool for Extracting 3D Avatar-Ready Gesture Animations from Monocular Videos
Andrew Feng, Samuel Shin, and Youngwoo Yoon
ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion, Interaction and Games (MIG) 2022 [ACM DL], [Project page]

The GENEA Challenge 2022: A large evaluation of data-driven co-speech gesture generation
Youngwoo Yoon*, Pieter Wolfert*, Taras Kucherenko*, Carla Viegas, Teodor Nikolov, Mihail Tsakov, and Gustav Eje Henter (* equal contribution)
ICMI 2022 [arXiv], [ACM DL], [Project page]

SGToolkit: An Interactive Gesture Authoring Toolkit for Embodied Conversational Agents
Youngwoo Yoon*, Keunwoo Park*, Minsu Jang, Jaehong Kim, and Geehyuk Lee (* equal contribution)
UIST 2021 (Acceptance rate: 25.9%) [arXiv], [ACM DL (incl. videos)], [Code]

A Large, Crowdsourced Evaluation of Gesture Generation Systems on Common Data: The GENEA Challenge 2020
Taras Kucherenko*, Patrik Jonell*, Youngwoo Yoon*, Pieter Wolfert, and Gustav Eje Henter (* equal contribution)
IUI 2021 (Acceptance rate: 27%) [arXiv], [ACM DL], [Project page]

Speech Gesture Generation from the Trimodal Context of Text, Audio, and Speaker Identity
Youngwoo Yoon, Bok Cha, Joo-Haeng Lee, Minsu Jang, Jaeyeon Lee, Jaehong Kim, and Geehyuk Lee
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia 2020) (Impact factor 6.495, Q1) [arXiv], [ACM DL], [Video], [Code]

DeepFisheye: Near-Surface Multi-Finger Tracking Technology Using Fisheye Camera
Keunwoo Park, Sunbum Kim, Youngwoo Yoon, Tae-Kyun Kim, and Geehyuk Lee
UIST 2020 (Acceptance rate: 22%) [PDF], [ACM DL], [Project page]

Robots Learn Social Skills: End-to-End Learning of Co-Speech Gesture Generation for Humanoid Robots
Youngwoo Yoon, Woo-Ri Ko, Minsu Jang, Jaeyeon Lee, Jaehong Kim, and Geehyuk Lee
ICRA 2019 [arXiv], [IEEE], [Video], [Data and Code]


Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute  (ETRI)


Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)