Instructor of Record, University of Michigan

  • Critical Perspectives on Global Health Crises and Media

    • This upper-level seminar focused on the media's role in communicating various global health crises, including emerging infectious disease, vaccine hesitancy, and noncommunicable diseases. Approaching from the media studies x Science, Technology, and Society (STS) perspective, the course examined how media not only circulate but also co-produce biomedical knowledge. Weekly topics include: media representations of global epidemics, sociology of health news production, and health mis/disinformation on social media.

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), University of Michigan

  • The Mass Media (introductory course on communication and media).

  • Digital Media Foundations (upper-level writing course focused on digital media and the Internet).

  • Communicating Science, Health, and Environment (upper-level course focused on science/health/environmental communication).

  • Media Use and Sleep (upper-level course focused on media effects on sleep and well-being).

  • Understanding Media Industries (introductory course focused on media industry studies).

Research Mentor, University of Michigan

  • In summer 2020, I participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) as a research mentor. I advised undergraduate research that examines media representations of AAPI communities and facial masks during COVID-19.