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Our Calling / Mission :

We developed this because it is truly important for our Children… 

This is an initiative by many passionate engineers from renowned U.S Universities & IIT alumni's. We truly feel that –  the current generation children need the appropriate tools to explore their scientific temperament. Most of us are aware that, 95% of physical brain development happens during early childhood. This is the age, when majority of actual physical neuron creation takes place in the brain. Which is why, researchers have always recommended - exposure to Science & technology at a younger age, as it has a major impact on their lives.

The Team

Mr. M Suresh, M.Tech  IIT Kharagpur- Co-founder

Dr. Bose, Phd, Texas Pan-Am,  IIT Kharagpur- Investor, Ideator

Mr. Vel, MS, New York  UnivNIT Trichy- Investor, Ideator 

Miss Nyoman, M.S. Toulouse, France, Advisor

What our Parents say...

  The product is, proudly developed in collaboration with 'Open Source Engineers for Youth' organization.



  Contact Us:

India office:

M1, BV Road, Akkarai, Chennai 600119, 

Phone: 75 50 11 41 05


USA office:

Will be updated shortly!