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Exploring Nevada County

Enjoy history? Enjoy Nevada County, California? Enjoy them together with the 2022 edition of the foremost guide to Nevada County history, “Exploring Nevada County.” Originally compiled by prominent local historian David Comstock, and updated by the chair of the Nevada County Historical Landmarks Commission, Bernard Zimmerman, this ebook will introduce you to over 200 historical landmarks scattered throughout Nevada County. You can use its 14 maps and over 200 photographs to tour these sites on your desktop monitor, or you can load it onto a mobile device and enjoy a pleasant drive through a beautiful part of the county, visiting landmarks on the way. Each landmark has a link to a Google map, so you won’t have any trouble finding it. The ebook features detailed maps of downtown Grass Valley, Nevada City and Truckee. It also contains numerous hypertext links to Wikipedia, newspaper articles and other sources which provide more information on the historical significance of the site.

All proceeds benefit the Nevada County Historical Landmarks Commission.

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Ghost Towns of Nevada County, 2023 Edition

Ghost Towns 24 03 23a.pdf

Bernie Zimmerman has published a brand new update to his book, Ghost Towns of Nevada County. It is still offered at the irrestible price of FREE.

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Over the Henness Pass

A 19th century version of the 20th century's Route 66, the legendary Henness Pass Road moved people, goods and gold between California and Nevada. Now you can enjoy the excitement and experience the challenges of the pioneers by driving your 4-wheel vehicle along the partly unpaved actual wagon route. The field guide takes you to most of the early stage and hotel stops, from Bridgeport, California to Virginia City, Nevada. Along the way, you can learn about the road and bridge builders and robber barons who built the road and many of the other transportation facilities that enabled the Gold and Silver Rushes of the 1850s and 60s. They sped up the opening of the West and helped develop modern day California and Nevada. 

Written by Chuck Scimeca, a retired California state park ranger, the ebook contains over a hundred maps and images as well as mileages and GPS coordinates to more than 25 of the original hotel and stage stops.

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