GMT Morning Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics and Statistics


3 December 2020

Time in GMT

8-8:20am: Dr. Huanfei Ma

Causality Analysis: From Mutual Causation Detection to Causal Network Reconstruction

8:20-8:40am: Prof. Michael Small

Symbolic dynamics, Markov chains, and ordinal networks

8:40-9am: Break 1

9-9:20am: Prof. Tomomichi Nakamura

On constructing networks for multivariate nonlinear and nonstationary time series

9:20-9:40am: Mr. Kazuya Sawada (Prof. Ikeguchi's student)

Detecting Causality for Marked Point Processes

9:40-10am: Break 2

10am-10:20am: Dr. Norbert Marwan

Measuring complexity of recurrence plots

10:20-10:40am: Prof. Eduardo Goldani Altmann

Statistical Laws in Complex Systems

10:40-11am: Break 3

11-11:20am: Prof. Francisco Rodrigues

Epidemic processes on single and multilayer networks

11:20-11:40pm: Prof. Rodrigo Mello

Estimating the Complexity of Supervised Learning Algorithms

11:40am-noon: Thomas Stemler, Deniz Eroglu

Detecting transitions in multivariant time series using ordinal partition networks

9 December 2020

Time in GMT

8-8:20am: Prof. X San Liang

Measuring the importance of individual units in producing the collective behavior of a complex network

8:20-8:40am: Yoshito Hirata

Permutations and recurrence plots: two tools for analyzing time series generated from nonlinear stochastic systems

8:40-9am: Break 1

9-9:20am: Dr. Yoshitaka Itoh

Reconstructing bifurcation diagrams only from time-series data sets using an extreme learning machine

9:20-9:40am: Mr. Emre Kaya

Complex Dynamics of Janus Oscillator Networks

9:40-10am: Break 2

10am-10:20am: Prof. Jeroen S. W. Lamb

Bifurcation in the presence of noise

10:20-10:40am: Prof. José Maria Amigó

A generalized permutation entropy for noisy dynamics and random processes

10:40-11am: Break 3

11-11:20am: Prof. Dimitris Kugiumtzis and Prof. Michael Small

Short and Long Term Prediction of Multivariate Time Series: Learning the Dynamics

11:20-11:40am: Prof. Mikhail Prokopenko

Modelling the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia: a tipping point in social distancing

11:40am-noon: Discussion

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Yoshito Hirata (University of Tsukuba)

Débora Correa (University of Western Australia)

Michael Small (University of Western Australia)

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