York Schools of Sanctuary - resources


Reports by Refugee Action about the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees in Birmingham and London (there are lots of others in Europe).

OXFAM (Handout 1) - stories from different refugees/asylum-seekers


Yaarob tells the story of his family’s flight from Syria through an animation he made as part of a Save the Children project.

‘To celebrate the 18th birthday of the Refugee Council's Children's Section, we produced three short animations featuring child refugees sharing their stories in their own words.’

Refugee Council

Seeking Refuge, a series of short animations from the BBC

Human Flow a movie by Ai Weiwei

The site includes two videos and 16 photos.

The film is available to purchase.

The award-winning BBC series Exodus: Our Journey to Europe explores the issue of migration from a personal perspective. There are lesson resources available too.


Torn From Home is a short film produced for Holocaust Memorial Day. It could be used at any time in the year.


Ross Kemp: Libya’s Migrant Hell

Actor (formerly Eastenders) and presenter Ross Kemp made this documentary about human trafficking in Libya in 2017. He talks about it on Good Morning Britain and it is reviewed in The Guardian. NOTE that the documentary talks about the ‘migrant crisis’ so this would need careful unpicking re the phrases ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ and ‘asylum seeker’ (many of whom would have taken the same journey).

Ongoing Journeys is an interactive multi-media platform through which displaced people who are attempting to rebuild their lives in the UK tell their own stories. It has been designed to be equally at home when incorporated into secondary schools or colleges as an educational platform, or as a gallery/museum installation piece presented either independently or alongside the touring photographic exhibition.

Through this platform, end-users are able to step into the lives of displaced people through photography and video, and ask questions which will be answered by the project participants themselves through interactive audio.

Born through collaborations between socially-engaged photographic artist Rich Wiles and various displaced people in the UK, and in association with project partners Counterpoints Arts, Ongoing Journeys is rooted in the understanding that more must be done to help people understand the stories and lives of displaced people in today’s world, and that no-one is better positioned to present these experiences than the people who live them.



This is a report into LEA and school values, policies and practices.

  • ‘Supporting asylum seeker and refugee children’, an intervention study by the CfBT Education Trust (2005-06). https://www.nfer.ac.uk/publications/ARC01/ARC01.pdf
  • National Association for Language Development in the Classroom (NALDIC) - Supporting EAL refugee children:



Matthew Crampton draws a parallel between British economic migrants in the C18 and C19 centuries and economic migrants crossing the Mediterranean today. There’s a focus on ordinary people’s stories and folk songs.