Q. Is this legitimate?

Yes. Yoga Nude is a legitimate business. The instructor is a 200Hr.certified Yoga instructor.

Q. What about my privacy?

Absolutely! The client’s privacy is of the utmost importance. Discretion is adhered between client and instructor, regardless of marital status. Instruction is held at a very private location with parking.

Q. What if I’ve never done yoga before? I’m not flexible.

The yoga nude session is practiced with the limitations of each client. The client's fitness level, joint injuries, age or body weight will determine the intensity of the session.

The postures depicted in this website are advanced. New clients will be directed in a beginner’s practice based on their capabilities. You do not come to yoga flexible; you develop more flexibility with an ongoing yoga practice.

Q. What if I have an erection?

Yes, if you are a heterosexual male there is a possibility that you may have an erection This is a normal body function which will subside with the practice.

Q. Is any sex involved?

Yoga Nude is about practicing yoga in the nude. We honor each other’s nude bodies and hold sacred space during the yoga practice. Therefore Yoga Nude is not a sex service.

Q. What if I sweat?

Yoga is about purifying the body, therefore sweating may occur. Please bring a towel for this purpose.

Q. How do I Transcend my body & mind?

In the practice of Yoga the breath is very important. It is called the “Ujjayi Breath” which means victorious. While inhaling & exhaling through the nose, this unique form of breathing is performed by creating a soft sound in the back of the throat. It sounds like Darth Vader from “Star Wars”.

The main idea is to create a rhythm in the breath and ride it with the asanas (postures). The sound of the Ujjaji breath then becomes a mantra and helps set the mind in focus, away from your regular thinking mind. By maintaining awareness upon your breath, your practice becomes a meditative flow.

We transcend the thinking mind by focusing on the breath and moving in the practice from a standing, sitting, and finally a finishing sequence of postures.

It is through a regular practice of yoga that we realize the most benefits for our body and our mind.