Product Software Engineer, Machine Learning Co-op

  • ERT provides software for clinial trails
  • Developed convolutional neural network architecture on top of fine-tuned InceptionResNetv2 model using TensorFlow for detecting acceptable spirometry loops with an accuracy of up to 92.4% on unseen ERT respiratory study data
  • Achieved a F1 score of 0.7 by implementing sentimental analysis using spaCy and NLP libraries
  • Reduced data size by 94%, utilizing advanced querying with pandas and SQL, visualization with Matplotlib and analysis with Tableau
  • As a Product Software Engineer, I also worked on developement of production level APIs. Worked in an agile environment. Tools used: Java, Java Debugger, Rally, Postman, Accurev

College of Engineering

Student Ambassador | Northeastern University

  • As a Student Ambassador for Internet of Things program, I develop relationships with prospective students by phone, mail, email, text, social media, and with personal visits
  • Serve as Orientation Group Leaders throughout the new intakes and attend all new students orientations
  • Provide campus information and campus tours, assist the Admissions Office and provide general mentoring and peer guidance to prospective students

Pro Customer Experience Technician

Information Technology Services | Northeastern University

  • As part of Information Technology Services, I help with troubleshooting of technical issues faced by Northeastern community via email, phone or in-person support systems and managing printers on campus
  • Forecasted monthly toner demand using graph and regression analysis in MS Excel resulted in seamless printer performance


By Stanford University