YMCA Lifeguard Training

 Everything you need to know to becoming a YMCA Lifeguard

YMCA Lifeguard (Introduction) (1).mp4

Test of Spirit

Below are videos of drownings and near drownings. Lifeguard candidates need to be spiritually prepared. Lifeguards are responsible for preventing these tragedies.

Test of Mind

A YMCA lifeguard will have over 30 hours of training, a YMCA Lifeguard will need to be mentally prepared, be self-directed and goal focused .

Test of Body

To put all the knowledge obtained from the pre-requisite into action a candidate needs a strong body. Below is a video of the swim test that candidates must pass to be a part of the course as well as video that demonstrate some of the skills learn through out the course.

Emergency Action Plan.mp4
Responding to an Emergency.mp4
Approach Strokes.mp4
Removal from the Water.mp4
Rescue Skills.mp4
Spinal Injury Rescues.mp4

Next steps

We are only Certifying those coming to work at the YMCA at this time.