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This page has Links to various videos that you will find interesting and useful. At least we thought they were useful : )

Another way to stay warm:

When It is realllly realllly cold and you might be wondering how to stay warm -- this video has a nifty idea that you may want to consider.

How to Prevent and Treat Frostbite

Transistors: How do they work?

Electricity: What is an AMP?

What is Voltage

Basic Electricity - Resistance and Ohm's Law

Basic Electricity - Power and Watts

What is a transformer?

Multimeter Tutorial

Volts, Amps, and Watts explained

How to solder like a Pro

Daily Interesting Things

This is an unusual and eclectic website of the webmaster of this website. "He who toots not his own horn finds that his horn is not tooted" : )

Ham Radio Basics -- How to call CQ

Which is better: Vertical or Dipole

The Dipole Antenna and an instantaneous Antenna Tuner

Antennas 101 - How does an Antenna work