YL Hams


Welcome to our site.

This site is for all YL Hams everywhere.

The Purpose of our YL Net is to provide a forum for Licensed Female Hams of all ages and ham experience -- to meet on the air for fellowship, to discuss common interests, to discuss technical topics, to learn how to prepare for emergency events and communications, and more.

Each week we will cover many of those and other eclectic subjects, including providing information on topics such as FAQs, answers to technical questions, information about upcoming events and activities, and more.

We invite all female (YL) Hams everywhere to check in to this net.

We invite OMs (Old Men) hams and non hams to listen (and many do) but only YLs are "allowed" to talk.

We meet every Monday Night at 8PM EST

If you are in the Chattanooga Area and can hit the repeaters you will find us

on the 145.350 Repeater with Tone of 100 and Negative offset

If you can't hit the 145.350 and /or are far far away -- you can join us using

EchoLink Node SELINK node 387904

and on two Allstar nodes: 46530 and 510130

The Purpose of this website is to provide information of interest to YLs and all Hams including OMs.

EchoLink was discussed at our innaugural Net on August 7, 2017 and you will see a link in the drop down list in the menu bar for a summary of that discussion.

Echolink was discussed because YLs can check into this weekly YL Net using direct access to the repeater or (if too far away to 'hit' the repeater) by Echolink. And indeed we are getting many check ins using Echolink -- so if you are far away, please check in using Echolink. You are always welcome.

This website also provides Helpful Links to websites, videos, articles, and other sources of information that relate to things about which Hams want to know.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions,

email us at YLNet (at) LMARC.net

written this way to prevent spiders and spammers.