Youngjin Kwon is an Assistant Professor in the school of computing at KAIST and a member of Computer Architecture and Systems Lab (CASYS)

He is a recipient of KAIST's EWON Endowed Chair Professor and Soo-Young Lee Teaching Innovation Award. He also won best paper awards at SOSP'21 and USENIX ATC'17.

His main research topics are:

  • Rethinking system software with Rust Language.

  • Improving performance of emerging machine learning workloads by new system supports.

  • Redesigning distributed file systems with new technologies such as non-volatile memory and SmartNIC.

  • Improving reliability of operating systems: detecting the root cause of kernel concurrency bugs, finding new Kernel bugs.

  • Designing systems for resource disaggregation.

  • Co-designing hardware and software for secure services.

Email: yjkwon at

[google scholar] [dblp] [linkedin]

  • I am always looking for talented graduate students. If you are not a KAIST student, you first apply KAIST CS (korean link, english link)

  • I am also looking for undergraduate students (KAIST students only for now) to have fun research projects. Please feel free to contact me.

Recent publications

  • Memory Harvesting in Multi-GPU Systems with Hierarchical Unified Virtual Memory, USENIX ATC 2022

  • Serving Heterogeneous Machine Learning Models on Multi-GPU Servers with Spatio-Temporal Sharing, USENIX ATC 2022

  • LineFS: Efficient SmartNIC Offload of a Distributed File System with Pipeline Parallelism, SOSP 2021, [Best paper]

  • Zico: Efficient GPU Memory Sharing for Concurrent DNN Training, USENIX ATC 2021

  • Rethinking File Mapping for Persistent Memory, FAST 2021

  • Assise: Performance and Availablity via NVM Colocation in a Distributed File System, OSDI 2020

  • How Persistent is your Persistent Memory Application?, OSDI 2020

  • Unbounded Hardware Transactional Memory for a Hybrid DRAM/NVM Memory System, MICRO 2020

  • Libnvmmio: Reconstructing Software IO Path with Failure-Atomic Memory-Mapped Interface, USENIX ATC 2020

  • Nested Enclave: Supporting Fine-grained Hierarchical Isolation with SGX, ISCA 2020

  • Perforated Page: Supporting Fragmented Memory Allocation for Large Pages, ISCA 2020


CS492 special topics: virtualization 2018 Fall

CS330 Operating systems and labs 2019 Spring, 2020 Spring, 2021 Spring, 2022 Spring

CS530 Graduate operating systems 2019 Fall, 2020 Fall

Professional services

  • Program committee

    • USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC): 2020, 2021, 2022

    • Eurosys: 2023

    • USENIX FAST: 2022

    • USENIX HotStorage: 2022

    • ACM SYSTOR: 2021

    • ACM/IEEE ANCS: 2021

    • ACM Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS): 2019 (external)

    • International Conference on Massive Storage Systems and Technology (MSST): 2019, 2020

    • Virtual Execution Environments (VEE): 2019

    • ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SOCC): 2018

    • ACM Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APSys): 2019, 2020, 2021

    • Eurosys Dissertation Workshop (EuroDW): 2021

  • Guest editor

    • ACM Transactions on Storage

    • ACM Transactions on Computer Systems

    • ACM Transactions on Computers

  • Organizing committee

    • Student Volunteer Chair, Mobisys 2019