Yiqing Xing

Working Papers

We model the complementarity between informal institutions (communities) and formal institutions (government, market, etc.). Religious beliefs enhance this complementarity, while corruption undermines it.

We study monopolistic pricing with optimal screening of network information, i.e., how well an agent is connected.

This paper studies the following two questions:

  • How to order heterogeneous items when they are auctioned sequentially?
  • Is sequential auction good to use, in terms of efficiency and optimal revenue?

Intermediated Implementation (with Anqi Li), Online Appendix, July 2018, R&R. Games and Economic Behavior

In a hidden type framework, can a principle with limited power/knowledge implement a (second-best) allocation through intermediaries?

Stable Allocations with Network-Based Comparisons (with Chen Cheng), new version coming soon

Which networks permit stable allocations, when people care about their rankings among their neighbors on the network?

Negotiations are often complex and a deal generally has many aspects. We model such negotiations and identify situations in which efficiency can be achieved, even in the presence of substantial two-sided asymmetric information.

How partnership formation and the strategic interactions that followed relate to each other?

Research in Progress

Sustaining Cooperation with Multiple Relationships (with Chen Cheng and Wei Huang)

A Screening Perspective on China's Experimental Reform (with Chen Cheng)


Culture-dependent Strategies in Coordination Games (with Matthew Jackson), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 111:3, pp.10889-10896, 2014

Ordering Sellers in Sequential Auctions (with Qiang Gong and Xu Tan), Review of Economic Design, Vol. 18.1, pp.11-35, 2013

Auctions with both common-value and private-value bidders (with Xu Tan), Economics Letters, Vol. 111.1, pp.99-103, 2011

'Wave Phenomena' and Formation of Excess Capacity (with Justin Yifu Lin and Ho-Mou Wu), Economic Research Journal (in Chinese), Vol. 10, pp.4-19, 2011

Book Chapters

"Status quo, History and Thoughts on House Site", as Chapter 4 in The Road to Property Rights Delineation: Experience of Chengdu, China, Peking University Press, 2010