Yearwood Custom Keyboards

Welcome to Yearwood Custom Keyboards! My name is Alex Yearwood, and I personally will craft you a keyboard specifically designed for your style and needs. I can provide a diverse range of customization options, such as keycaps, layouts, switches, and stabilizers that both reflect your needs and personality. Whether you're a gamer seeking optimal performance, or a programmer seeking comfort, I can elevate your experience with a keyboard designed perfectly for you.

My process begins with a collaborative approach, where I take the time to understand your specific needs and preferences. I offer a wide range of customization options, from choosing the keycap style, materials, and colors to selecting the switches that provide the perfect tactile experience. With my extensive knowledge and expertise, I'll guide you through the selection process to ensure your keyboard is not only visually stunning but also optimized for comfort and functionality. 

 Switches: If you are  unsure on what type of switch you want, I am more than happy to help educate you on what options are available. Having built numerous boards already with a variety of different switches, I'm sure I can help you find what fits your specialized needs.

Keycaps: I will help you find the perfect set of keycaps! This stage is all about what aesthetic and personality you want to show through your keyboard. Additionally, I will make sure you are aware of your layout/profile options, and even give some personal suggestions/recommendations.

Modding: This is the price of labor and covers any modification you can think of. Band-aid stabilizers? Padded case? Polycarbonate plate mount? I'll help you explore the possibilities to best suit your needs.

Lubing: I offer switch and stabilizer lubrication! Whether you just want the keys that are known to rattle like the spacebar and shift keys to stay quiet, or the whole board, I can cover that as well.


How It Works

At Yearwood's Custom Keyboards, I pride myself on delivering exceptional craftsmanship, personalized service, and a truly unique product. Let me create a custom keyboard that exceeds your expectations and becomes a cherished companion for your everyday computing needs.

 Ask For A Quote

Email me at to get started.  Based on the information provided and a consultation, I will generate a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs. The quote will include the cost of components, assembly, customization, and any additional services you've requested. I strive to be transparent with our pricing and provide you with a clear breakdown of all associated costsAfter acceptance, I will provide you with an estimated timeline for the completion of your custom keyboard. I will keep you informed of the progress along the way, providing updates and photos if desired. You can rest assured that I will dedicate my expertise and attention to detail to craft a keyboard that exceeds your expectations.


The links below are companies and products I trust and are a good starting point for choosing the components for your custom keyboard. Please note that these are NOT affiliate links and I am not in any way sponsored by these brands, these are just products that I personally have used and recommend.